Public Domain Birthday Episode
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Season: 1
Production code: 101
Broadcast number: 1
Story by:
Bryan Freese
Written & Storyboarded by:
Francine Jansen
David Epstein
Directed by:
Bryan Freese
Francine Jansen
Broadcast Information
US Premiere:
September 1
International Debut:

Miriam and Alyssa set up the best birthday party for Mildred. Meanwhile, Evan is hired to babysit for Miriam's friend Kim.

Episode SummaryEdit

So... how does it end?

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Memorable QuotesEdit

Alyssa: Mom, get up now!

Miriam: Eh? But it's Sunday!

[Group of friends are in the living room.]
Maya: Why are we here, again? Is it because today is Sunday?
Alyssa: No! Not because today is Sunday, but because today is Mildred's birthday!
[Group silence.]
Alyssa: You could at least pretend to be enthusiastic about her birthday.

[Group murmurs in agreement.]

[Evan is trying to get the Andrews to bed.]
Tahoma: This warm milk is making me tired and sleepy.
Arial: Agreed.
Tahoma: You know what would make this milk taste better? Chocolate syrup!

Evan: No! I mean, let's get you to bed, now.

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Character RevelationsEdit

  • Miriam allows Evan to be out of the house until 7:00, but prefers to be notified in advance.
  • Alyssa originally had many friends in elementary school who all went to different middle schools.
  • Mildred's birthday is on September 5.
  • Mildred is Jewish.


  • Alyssa mentions a show with talking carnival prize dolls, a reference to The Muppets.


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