District of Surveillance
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Season: 1
Production code: 110
Broadcast number: 5
Story by:
Guy Leth
Stephanie Olson
Written & Storyboarded by:
Francine Jansen
Directed by:
Joanna Govan
Broadcast Information
US Premiere:
September 22
International Debut:

Miriam and Susan discover secrets about the school district after their kids report their suspicions.

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So... how does it end?

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Memorable QuotesEdit

Computer: Before entering this research facility, please identify yourself. You have four chances.
[Miriam scans a card.]
Computer: Please identify yourself.
Susan: Try the district all-access card.
[Miriam grabs and scans card.]
Computer: Fraudulent card. Please identify yourself.
Susan: Here. Try Adam's credit card.
[Miriam shoots Susan a concerned glance and scans card.]
Computer: Thanks for the credit card number. You have one more chance to identify yourself.
Susan: Oh, look! A janitor.
[Miriam sneaks up on the janitor and Vulcan-pinches him. She takes his ID.]
Miriam: Great! We can finally get in that facility!
[Miriam scans ID.]
Computer: I'm sorry, your ID expired 1 minute ago.

Miriam: What the heck?

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